Cuba: Pilgrimage to the San Lazaro National Sanctuary

Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdes



HAVANA TIMES — We bring you scenes from the San Lazaro National Sanctuary in the community of Rincon on the outskirts of the capital.  The saint, with many followers throughout the island, draws thousands of people each year on December 17th seeking his healing miracles.


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8 thoughts on “Cuba: Pilgrimage to the San Lazaro National Sanctuary

  • So now you are opposed to the Castro dictatorship? I am absolutely opposed to dictatorship and absolutely in favour of freedom of the individual with the provision that in so exercising that freedom they do not impinge on the freedom of others.

  • You obviously Bob Michaels have not read all my posts. I have repeatedly expressed my admiration of the beauty of Cuba which I have traveled from the Roncali lighthouse at the tip of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula in the west to Baracoa in the east, and of the people of Cuba.
    My sole criticisms of Cuba are entirely related to the monstrous Castro family communist dictatorship and its associated structure.
    Yes, I do have an intense dislike of the Castro regime and what it represents.
    As you may have noted, one of your fellow supporters of the regime has openly stated that he “grok” is a Marxist. that at least is honest.

  • Carlyle: you missed my point completely.

    Your intense dislike for the Castro government has been clearly established and needs no further elaboration.

    It is your Pavlovian response to anything relating to Cuba, no matter how non political, triggering even more negative political dialog.

  • My opposition to the Castro family communist dictatorship is quite easily explained Bob Michaels. I detest dictatorship, i detest repression, i admire the people of Cuba who have borne the consequences of Fidel and Raul Castro’s arrogance with fortitude, many going to jail for voicing opposition and even more fleeing for the sanctuary offered by the capitalist world.
    I want to see my wife, family, friends and community free to take their own decisions, to achieve full human rights as defined by the UN and to be able to elect their own chosen representatives. Such freedom for Cubans may be anathema to you, but you are sitting in the freedom and comfort of a democratic society where you are allowed to express your individual view.
    I shall enjoy Christmas and the New Year celebrations in Cuba with my family and friends and I shall when not in Cuba, continue to express my contempt for those who choose to voice their support for oppression by a communist dictatorship.

  • Carlyle: your time in Cuba must be a living hell as it seems reference to any Cuban sight, sound, or experience launches you into a sphere of anti-Castro negativity.

  • Quite a stride to jump from a religious celebration to an anti Castro rant. I have been to a San Lazaro celebration and politics was never mentioned from midnight until conclusion the following afternoon.

  • Great shoot thanks for sharing

  • As a celebration and to demonstrate their power and control, the day prior to the San Lazaro pilgrimage, the Castro regime State goons arrested Kimberley Motley, a US Human Rights lawyer who went to Cuba to advocate for Danilo “El Sexto” Donaldo who was imprisoned without charge on November 26th.
    Where are the US sycophants to applaud this action by the Castro regime against one of their fellow citizens?

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