Cuban Landscapes:19th and 20th centuries

Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdés

HAVANA TIMES — A sample of landscapes made in Cuba, from the nineteenth century to the present, is on display these days in Havana at various locations. The paintings were selected from collections from the National Museum of Fine Arts. In this photo feature we show the works on exhibition at the Hispano-American Cultural Center.

September 28-30 is the final weekend to see the works.

Olga Lopez Nunez, curator of the show, said that landscape painting had its peak in the second half of the nineteenth century, cultivated by Cuban artists and foreigners who came to the island fascinated by the exuberance of our nature and the beauty of our cities born by the sea.

Works by Federico Amérigo, Esteban Chartrand, Valentin Sanz Carta, Leopoldo Romañach, Armando García Menocal, Domingo Ramos, Fidelio Ponce, Victor Manuel Garcia, Mariano Rodriguez, Tomas Sanchez and Rene Portocarrero, among others, are on display in this exhibition.

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