Cuba’s Children Return to School


Photo Feature by Lorenzo Crespo Silveira

HAVANA TIMES — The summer and its varied recreational offers has come to an end and the new school year began this week, as one can easily perceive on seeing Cuban students in all levels of schooling wearing the yellow, blue or green uniforms, and the primary school pupils in red uniforms and kerchiefs, the main subjects of this photographic series.

Some seem frightened or thrilled to be among so many other children for the first time, others look happy to return to classes, and all appear to be convinced that they will face new learning challenges this year. Tuesday morning, the first day of classes, was a true spectacle in Guantanamo.

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7 thoughts on “Cuba’s Children Return to School

  • ….no opportunity to use your college degree. Its why PHD’s are driving taxis and jineteras make mote than doctors.

  • No student loans in Cuba – all education is free. Michel and Angelica are directly related to the late Celia Sanchez. My email :::
    [email protected]

  • Beautiful children! Thank you for sharing this!

  • I don’t see the connection. And besides, what does the student debt in the US have to do with Cuban education?

  • The future President and Minister of Health in communist Cuba?
    Machado Ventura will be deceased long before they even graduate from University. So who will guide them then in their political ambitions to rule Cuba?

  • Cuban children do twice as many hours in school as Canadian children.
    Student outstanding loans in the USA = $ 1.1 trillion !!!

  • Michel – grade nine – Angelica – grade eight

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