Cuba’s Winter Umbrellas and Coats

Photo Feature by Caridad 

HAVANA TIMES, Jan 9 — Everybody knows we’d have to worry if it started snowing in Cuba one winter. We only have uncomfortable drizzles, which — like we say here — “don’t get you wet, but get you soaked.”

Nonetheless, we Cubans enjoy the winter the same way that — in the past — we enjoyed carnival.

When the high temperatures drop down to 24 degrees Celsius (75 F) we already begin considering it cold. This is when we take advantage of the season to pull out all of our heavier clothes with long sleeves.

There are those who cover their heads, necks and wear thick coats while going for walks with their legs bear. Then too, there are also those who enjoy ice cream instead of a piping hot drink.

Of course there are plenty of folks who only have one coat, making them appear hapless having to leave work every day with their sole garment.

To shield themselves from the rain, tiny retractable umbrellas take the place of the traditional long ones. The little ones are less expensive and easier to carry around, though accidents often happen with them on any narrow sidewalk when two approaching people are carrying them.

The winter is a fiesta — perhaps because it’s ephemeral — and all of us love what’s ephemeral.

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