Dance: 24 Hours and a Dog


Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA TIMES — ??The result of artistic collaboration and complicity, “24 hours and a dog” has as its starting point the jazz music of Arturo O’Farrill. His showmanship and evocative power led the thematic improvisations process that, ultimately, recreated recurring situations on a typical day in the life of the dancers of the company.

The Malpaso dance troupe, directed Osnel Delgado, performed at the end of March, with Osnel own choreography, the piece “24 hours and a dog,” a premiere at the Mella Theater in the Cuban capital. The dancers included Daile Carrazana, Taimi Miranda, Maria Karla Araujo and Dunia Acosta, as well as Osnel Delgado, Joan Rodriguez, Manuel Duran, Randy Civic and Isbel Bello. Roberto Hidalgo was the producer, with lighting design by Erick Grass.

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