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HAVANA TIMES – I took another look into the depths of Havana, its people and customs, their problems, the reality of their environment, the city that is dying among its inhabitants.

As a famous Havana architect once said, “Havana could end up in a Dantesque vision, as a large ring of garbage or as an empty crater where once upon a time there had been a city.



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14 thoughts on “Deep Inside Havana

  • Upon what basis Eden do you include Cuba as part of the developing world?

  • My only point was that the so-called “poverty” in Cuba as represented by this photo essay does not engage me after I’ve spent so much time dealing with actual poverty right next door in Haiti, and in dozens and dozens of places throughout Latin America, the Indian Subcontinent and Africa.

    It’s remarkable that Cuba is far, FAR removed from the real poverty that’s rampant throughout much of the developing world.

  • I do not wish to see even more poverty, merely to address it and to wish for a better life for those who suffer it. I agree with you that it is usually possible to find situations which are worse than others – but that is no remedy. Humanity has much reason to cry for the abandoned.

  • Go right next door to Haiti if you want to see real poverty. I’ve been in situations there where I don’t know whether to puke or cry.

  • Just wait Eden and the Castros will get there!

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