Different Views of Cienfuegos, Cuba

Photo Feature by Rene Bastiaanssen*

HAVANA TIMES – Dutch photographer Rene Bastiaanssen visited Cienfuegos in south central Cuba in 2010. “I liked observing the people on the street with their small businesses like car painting, bicycle repair etc. I also saw striking poverty on the outskirts of the city.” Here is his photo essay.


(*) More of Rene Bastiaanssen’s photos can be seen here.

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2 thoughts on “Different Views of Cienfuegos, Cuba

  • Cinefuegos dirty crumbling city on the bay.the water of the bay is so polluted it stinks and makes the city stink when the wind is blowing off the water.these poor unfortunate downtrodden people. They are wonderful,friendly,generous , and kind.Go to Cuba for the people , help them ,be generous, meet them , talk to them,.
    Your pictures are genuine to a heart renduring lump. I know cuba , we know many people , we have been in every town village and city in every province and your photos capture the essence. You have to see more and take and publish more.

  • Do not lose faith in YOUR COUNTRY it belongs to YOU, work hard to improve it by yourselves LET the unhappy people amongst you come forward with a solution that will improve the quality of life for ALL of the Cuban people.

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