Everyday Havana

Reading the future.

Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — In the coming days the visit of Pope Francis to Cuba and the trip next week by Raul Castro to New York will fill the news of the island’s press.  This photo feature gives you a glimpse of everyday life in the heart of the Cuban capital during the last couple weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Everyday Havana

  • Carlyle, very dismal for sure! Juan Suarez’s photos are some of the best I’ve seen as they truly show the despondency and lack of motivation that must permeate throughout MOST of Cuba. Some glimmers in the cities with B and B along
    with restaurants etc but the average Cuban has very little to look forward to when I see these shots. Glad you’re a link to reality and thanks again Juan!!!

  • bjmack: these photographs illustrate the Cuba that I know and the lives of the average Cuban.
    As you will have observed, nothing is changing. I have in contributions referred to the “dreary” lives imposed on Cubans. Look again and look carefully at the eyes! See any sign of hope?
    Now you will probably understand why I question the future of my four year old God-daughter, should she be condemned to these conditions for her lifetime, or should we who live in freedom search for ways to enable the removal of the shackles of a communist dictatorship?
    The conditions you observe are normal, the abnormal is UNESCO funded sites like Old Havana, Trinidad, Vinales, each of which is quite beautiful. The Gaviota and Transtur coach tours for tourists having visited Old Havana drive along the Malecon under another river tunnel (not the one under the harbour entrance which was built by Batista) and along 5th Avenue in Mirimar where there are lovely mansions built originally for the rich and now acting as Embassies and the like. they don’t go to where these photographs were taken.

  • Senor Suarez, thank you for these incredible photos. Much to be improved upon for the good of the Cuban people after viewing these. No photoshop here and that’s what makes this a great window
    into the real Cuba. Gracias!

  • Excellent photography! We live in Panama and it’s a treat to see what to expect when we visit. Muchisimas gracias

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