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Five kilometers for the Cuban Five. 21--9-2013
Five kilometers for the Cuban Five. 21–9-2013

HAVANA TIMES —  A walk/run called Five Kilometers for the Cuban Five took place Saturday in different provinces of Cuba. The objective was to demand the release of the remaining four Cuban agents imprisoned in the US since 1998.

The Cuban government considers the men heroes and maintains that their undercover work in the US was designed only to prevent terrorist groups from organizing violent attacks against Cuba and its interests from Florida.

One of the Five, Rene Gonzalez, served out his 15 year term and is back living in Cuba, supporting actions of the population demanding the freedom of the rest of his comrades.

Rene and family members of the Cuban Five, top athletes and the general population took part during the walk/run on Saturday.

Rene Gonzalez, the one released member of the Cuban Five.
Rene Gonzalez, the one released member of the Cuban Five.

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3 thoughts on “Five Kilometers for the Cuban Five

  • For the umpteenth time, these ‘circuses’ are simply intended to distract the masses from focusing on the failures of the Castro dictatorship. These events do nothing towards achieving the release of the four Cuban spies.

  • How come they dont mentioned the other 12+ members of the Red Avispa who testified against the Cuban 5? Just a little omission right?

  • Disgusting waste of resources.
    They have created a celebrity…

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