Gaza School Girls Send a Message

Special to HT from Gaza by Julie Webb Pullman

HAVANA TIMES, Dec 29 — Today I went to Haifa Primary ‘B’ School for Girls in Khan Younes, Gaza. It is three years and two days since their world was shattered by Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli offensive which began on the first day of exams, and left every child at this school minus a family member, a friend, a neighbour, a limb – and peace of mind. (Pic 1)

Today they wanted to tell me – and the world – a story. (Pic 2)

“We want to tell a story about a home with broken lanterns
About a lonely farm and about its fruits that weren’t picked
About a picnic that wasn’t enjoyed
About a baby girl that didn’t grow up
About a fire that consumed a child
About a classroom that wasn’t attended
About a wedding that wasn’t celebrated
About a football that wasn’t kicked
About a spirit that cannot be defeated
And about a stubborn flag that refuses to lie down.” (pics 3 – 20)

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