Havana: Just People

Photo Feature by Caridad

algunas gentes de La Habana


HAVANA TIMES — You don’t have to have a lot of excuses to photograph someone. Normally, people go to a studio or hire a photographer so as to have a memory of a certain moment in their lives, or to have a portrait to hang up on the wall or to show their friends and family.

I almost always prefer to take photos without preparation, without the person posing or hiding their emotions, characteristics of their personality that they’d prefer not to exhibit before the eyes of everyone else.

However, the most interesting thing about taking a portrait of people in the middle of the street are the stories they tell you. The stories that they carry with them and that they tell us, but we can imagine these stories if we photograph them at the right moment.

Sometimes, it’s just listening to the simple melody while we watch them.

Stories and melodies in people’s faces and gestures.

algunas gentes de La Habana

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One thought on “Havana: Just People

  • Once again Caridad a wonderfully descriptive series of photographs which reflect Cuba today and provide full measure of the disaster that is the Castro family communist regime.
    Photograph number 5 in the series raised the question of what is the future for the current generation of children. A boy looking out of the window in a crumbling building with decaying cables at his future.
    Those with a heart and concern for children can only hope that the repressive dictatorship of communism rots from within as it did in the USSR and that that small child lives to know freedom and human rights.
    I have been criticized in these pages for seeing things “only in black and white” but remain convinced that the difference between communism as practiced by the Castros and freedom of expression, freedom of the media, the right for a people to select their own government with political choice are in direct conflict. There are no halfway measures for communism as illustrated by the Castro regime denies individuality in its desire to impose conformity with their dictates.
    I look at my God-child with deep love and deep concern that she and all other children in Cuba may live to see the end of dictatorship. Viva Cuba libre!

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