Havana Times Photographer Returns to Angola

Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

Modern Luanda
Modern Luanda


HAVANA TIMES — I first arrived in Angola in the late 1980s as a cadet of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR). This time, nearly three decades later, I landed to help my father in his retirement and repatriation to Cuba after having worked in Angola for 16 years.

Upon returning to Havana, I had always asked myself what would Luanda be like after so many years.  At the time I was there the war was still going on and the Angolan capital was a destroyed city from the conflict.

Today it’s impressive to see the changes and the development of the infrastructure and technology, product of its great natural resources, plus the tremendous vehicle traffic in the streets. This contrasts with the poor sanitary situation and poverty in some sectors of the population.

I bring you a look at a place in Africa that holds a place in the hearts of many Cubans.


Sellers of sports attire.
Sellers of sports attire.

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