I Love the Light of Cuba


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HAVANA TIMES — This is a collection of photographs from HT reader Bruce Henderson from a recent trip to Cuba. We welcome other readers to send in their pictures for publication.

“Cuba? In a word. ‘Sweet’. The people are warm and open. The food tastes better than anywhere else I know. The views are out of a time machine. The clear air and warm light are magic.  Beautiful Cuba. The sky is ‘bluer’ in Cuba.” – B.H.

The link is to a video Bruce made from his trip.

Click on the thumbnails below to view all the photos in this gallery. On your PC or laptop, you can use the directional arrows on the keyboard to move within the gallery. On cell phones use the keys on the screen.

24 thoughts on “I Love the Light of Cuba

  • LOL!

  • If you can watch the video with sound the photos are much better to see. Try the link to Youtube above.
    Si usted puede ver el vídeo con el sonido de las fotos son mucho mejor ver. Pruebe el enlace a Youtube arriba.

  • Headlines .
    Bill Clinton Apologizes for Past Rice Policies | Haiti: Relief and …
    Clinton apologized in a statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on March 10:
    “It may have been good for some of my farmers in Arkansas, but it has not worked. It was a mistake…I had to live everyday with the consequences of the loss of capacity to produce a rice crop in Haiti to feed those people because of what I did; nobody else.”
    Haiti was self sufficient , with all the problems they had they were able to feed their own people .

  • Are you blaming Haiti’s problems on former US President Bill Clinton? You should read up on the plight of former French colonies and Haiti’s history in particular.

  • That is patently untrue. You obviously have no idea about what I think. There are countless [worth]while aspects of Cuban life. I do not support dictatorships and totalitarianism. My negative comments reflect my views on the Castro regime and their destruction of Cuba. This blog is about Cuba. Infrastructure problems in Haiti are better addressed at a different site. Doing better than Haiti sets the bar pretty low.

  • If Cubans feel as you seem to feel about the quality of US elections, then what we do in the US can serve as an example of what NOT to do. The point is having an election based on choices. The road to better government is indeed a bumpy one filled with twists and turns and may even double back on itself at times but progress is measured by intent and direction. By the way, ask any Black South African if they want to go back to Apartheid despite being worse off and you will understand how silly your last comment sounds.

  • What keeps Cuba beautiful and fantastic is its people who managed to maintain and keep it beautiful under so much hardship ,
    what about Jerusalem ? is there a reason why it’s being neglected by UNESCO ? one of the oldest city on the planet ,UNESCO is nothing more then one more leverage they use against those they disagree with , Israel plundered and vandalized just about all the archaeological site in Palestine

  • Election , in the same as an American style selections ? the one with the deepest pockets and the most amount of money and the one who’s willing to prostitute himself to corporate money would be the winner , what exactly you have in mind ?
    all the supposed democracy in the US could not stop George Bush from committing genocide in the Middle East , good government through elections is a meth .
    there is no guarantee that whoever replaces the current system will be any better , or solve any problems more than the ones in the system right now , again I will use South Africa for an example in which the population is worse off than under apartheid regime .
    I disagree with an apartheid 100%
    like I have said justice and human dignity what’s really matters .

  • In Haiti they have mud cakes on the menu , can you say the same thing on Cuba , what good is it if you have all the technology in the world and your people have to eat mud to stay alive , Haiti used to be self sufficient until Bill Clinton forces on them American economics , that’s why they became the worst country in the Western Hemisphere ,I have an idea how about you try the mud cakes and give us the recipe ? tell us how it taste like ?

  • Succinct and correct!
    Only adherents to the Castro family regime could argue!

  • You are obviously impressed with the beauty of Old Havana and justifiably so. Constructed long before the Castro family regime came to power and restored with funding from UNESCO, not the Castro family regime.
    The largest contributor to UNESCO being the USA and second relative to it’s population, Israel. (3%).
    Old Havana represents what Cuba once was. Alamar represents the best that Socialismo has to offer and La Lisa – which you probably don’t know, but ought to visit, represents the best that the regime could do for existing suburbs when they came to power.

  • The solution to Cuba’s problems is simple but is not easy. First, get rid of the Castros. The people who have caused the problems can not be expected to help resolve them. Second, hold open elections, including qualified expats over the question to reinstate the 1940 Constitution. Finall third, de-nationalize all but essential government-controlled business including agriculture and press.

  • That you need to find the worst country in the hemisphere to compare with Cuba is quite telling. I find it more interesting that Haiti has more telephone and internet connections than Cuba, ummmmm. And Moses seems to care a lot for the ingenious wonderful people of Cuba. He’s not however fond of the dictatorship, which has put Cuba on par with Haiti.

  • and what would be your response to what you have pledged exists ?
    do you have any positive comments or solutions ?

  • I meant to post it as an independent opinion somehow I clicked the wrong button, anyway your friend over here does not think of anything in Cuba is with while .
    how does Haiti Port-au-Prince compare to Havana Cuba , capitalist while fracking for oil caused a massive earthquake demolishing Port-au-Prince , do you see them rushing to rebuild the city
    the point is Cuba is doing better then a whole lot of other nations .

  • Are you talking about the same Cuba here? And by the way, where was Moses underestimating the talents of the Cuban people? I certainly did not see that

  • The Castros are guilty of more than just negligence. They are guilty of malfeasance.

  • In as much as your comment was slotted as a response to my comment, I will dare to respond to you. First point, quite simple and direct, the infrastructure in Cuba is crumbling, literally. Residential structures are collapsing in Havana on a weekly basis. This is a fact. Second point, Cuban food in CUBA, from a culinary standpoint, is limited and unoriginal. We can debate the reasons for this until the cows come home but again, it is a fact. Defending Cuba by attacking the US policy of foreclosure is silly. The US can put men on the moon and take snapshots of Pluto, so there!

  • I wanders if the founder of Havana Conquistador Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar would recognize this magnificent city ,
    Havana is beyond any dream that the conquistadors could have dreamed off .
    Thank you for showing me what to expect when I come and visit Havana , I would love to be a guest in your beautiful country and fantastic city .
    Certain individuals for some reason beyond my comprehension consistently trying to undermine and underestimate the talent off the Cuban people ,
    At least in Cuba there’s little chance of banker hired thugs coming in morning and throw all someone’s belongings on the sidewalk next to the trash , this is exactly what happened to my neighbor down the street .
    At least the good people of Cuba don’t have a government that would kick citizens out of their homes using corrupt imminent domain laws then turn over the property to a bunch of rich capitalist so they could put a high rise on it ,
    If we to accept Western analysis of Latin America then Brazil should have ceased to exist 100 years ago , they completely missed the point the same as what they’re doing to Cuba right now
    I wonder if there is a street in Havana that requires 10 police units to go in and enforce the law like you see in American cities or Brazilian ghettos ,
    what is it that certain individuals expect or want from Cuba , to become as Central America , a highway for narcotics and illegal weapons .

  • Lovely photographs, I especially liked the one of the conversation piece with dear Chopin discernible sitting on his bench.

  • Res ipsa loquitur

  • Your photographs put mine to shame. They’re outstanding and I thank you for sharing!

  • Beautiful pictures! Thank you!

  • Beautiful pictures of colorful buildings. Living in those buildings is an entirely different issue. Bruce writes “The food tastes better than anywhere else I know “. Really? Where else does he know?

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