Illusion in Paintings in Guantanamo, Cuba


Photo feature by Lorenzo Crespo Silveira

From the painting exposition by Cuban artist Elio Fernandez Lugo.
From the painting exposition by Cuban artist Elio Fernandez Lugo.

HAVANA TIMES — Ilusion (“Illusion”) is the title of the 13-piece, oil on canvas series currently on exhibition at the gallery space of the Guantanamo Cultural Center. In these paintings, visual artist Elio Fernandez Lugo, awarded the Naïve Art Scholarship in 2014, portrays Guantanamo’s farmers and their modern day habits, with a touch of suggestive (and typically Cuban) humor.

In the series, the young artist, known as the creator of the character Guaso, reveals his talent and creativity by combining elements of rural culture, giving his pieces a sense of volume through the use of colors and dream-like images.

I hope you enjoy this small but interesting sample of the artist’s work which will be on display until the end of December.

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  • Extraordinarily talented and totally unique for in painting. Greatness is visible and abundant. Thank you!

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