Life in Downtown Havana Photo Spread

By Juan Suarez

En la tarde
In the afternoon.


HAVANA TIMES — This Easter Week many thousands of visitors converged on Havana to coincide with both the visit of Barack Obama (March 20-22) and the Rolling Stones concert, which takes place tonight. Independent of these major events, life goes on as usual for many locals. Here’s a glimpse of daily life in areas of downtown Havana.

Fighting the mosquito that brings the Zika virus.
Fighting the mosquito that brings the Zika virus.

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4 thoughts on “Life in Downtown Havana Photo Spread

  • While the majority of Havana’s citizens have some sort of shelter there remain those who, like in any large city, will live on the street. They may even have a shelter in some rural area set aside for them but for various reasons, addiction, mental capacity, etc. they travel to the city where begging can be achieved. The doorways of La Habana can sometimes be more hospitable than the emptiness of a Gilligan’s Is or Survivor style shack in the corner of an over-grown pasture.

  • Thank you for sharing these photos. They really give a sense of life in Havana. I have a question about the photo “beggar”. Do people live on the streets in Havana? I thought everyone was given a place to live.

  • Very educational and well done, thanks also! Lots of work needed to move Cuba. There’s a definite
    10% – 15% vs. 85% vs. 90% have’s and have not’s. That’s my opinion.

  • Good, interesting pics. More.

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