Life in Havana without Water at Home

Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — Due to a rupture in the Havana aqueduct for two days at the beginning of this weekend some of the city’s main municipalities were without home water service.

Many of us recalled the 1990s when carrying buckets of water was common, as was doing mathematical calculations to save every drop.

We immediately feared that this situation would extend because we heard some comments that possibly this problem would last three or four days, but no, already by this Saturday afternoon the water returned to our homes, a big relief to our souls.

Fortunately everything was resolved because it could have been worse with this heat.

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One thought on “Life in Havana without Water at Home

  • The water truck is a familiar sight, for we too in our community have experienced the water supply being cut off, necessitating a water truck – supposedly with potable water. However as with our normal tap-water in Cuba it is wise to boil all drinking water.
    There are now some endeavors to restore parts of the infra-structure in Cuba following many years of neglect. But the priorities are the tourism related sectors.

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