Light Between the Hillocks of Viñales

Photo Feature by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, May 9 — Since photography was invented, waiting for the precise moment to snap a photo, or rather waiting for the exact lighting to squeeze off a shot, has been what has motivated many people the most and maddened others.

The limestone hillocks of Viñales, either from outside or inside them, seem to toy with one’s patience, forcing you to wait for the light to dim a little as you sit amidst such heat in the middle of such a scorching sun, amid such an absence of rain over these recent months.

There capricious formations offer shade to the adjoining fields for some moments of the day. Inside them are caves where one can find only a certain amount of light at a certain moment in the day.  Outside of that instant it would be impossible to take a photo in the most remote areas of those cavities.

A couple of days, a week, would never be enough time to play at capturing the lights and shades that dart about in this area of Pinar del Río.

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