My Favorite Months in Cuba: January & February

Photo Feature by Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, Feb 25 — The beginning of the year is my favorite period. It’s not because of the “Epiphany” holiday, nor because we’re celebrating yet another year of our system. It’s not because with January and February come — according to our calendar — a new year.

I think it’s because of the cooler breezes, ones that come full of pelicans and that help freshen thousands of little yellow flowers. It’s like the world were made in only two colors: blue and yellow. It’s as if Van Gogh had taken command of those months of January and February.

It’s the season when the sea is full of waves, the mountains surrounded by cold clouds and the plains carpeted by white flowers. It’s the season when the birds escape from their cages, when slugs inch along with no fear of being squished, and when trees become bare.

There are no languishing sighs of torment from the heat, no pressure on people in the streets to rush around buying gifts or food for the end of the year, and no patriotic celebrations. There are only the waves that crash and the birds that migrate.

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