Painting Workshop for Kids in Baracoa, Cuba


By Reynaldo La O

HAVANA TIMES — Baracoa is one of the most beautiful cities in Guantanamo province and even though it is surrounded by a lush landscape and clean beaches which provide people with the opportunity to go and visit them and swim in their warm waters, residents in Cuba’s First Town don’t have very many other entertainment options.

Video games, common today anywhere in the world, figure among the leisure options the youngest have, as well as some community projects which help children develop their knowledge about local culture and also to interact and make new friends.

Atabey (the name of a Taino woman of Arawak origins with a great presence between Baracoa’s sea and mountains), the goddess of fertility, evil and the Moon, was the muse for this project which brings children together on La Primada pedestrian boulevard.

There, they learn the techniques they need to go deep down the complex, dynamic and interesting road of visual artists, a much-needed pastime that enriches them, which hopes to also grow alongside other children.