Russian Singer Leonid Agutin in Cuba

Photo Feature by Elio Delgado

Leonid Agustin and Omara Portuondo
Leonid Agustin and Omara Portuondo

HAVANA TIMES, Jan. 28 — Russian pop singer Leonid Agutin and Cuban Latin jazz flautist and band leader Orlando “Maraca” Valle joined forces to deliver a unique concert at Havana’s Plaza de la Catedral on Saturday afternoon (January 23).

As their guests, they enjoyed the company of Buena Vista Social Club diva Omara Portuondo and tres guitar master Pancho Amat.

The concert merged three musical genres from two countries with disparate cultures – and the result was astonishing.

It had been decades since Cuban stages have welcomed Russian pop musicians.  Thus, it was the first time for many who were dancing at the concert.

Let’s hope this is repeated and that it will benefit from greater publicity, because many regretted not being made aware of the concert in time to attend.