Selfies in Cuba

Photo Feature by Lorenzo Crespo Silveira



HAVANA TIMES – The selfie has become very fashionable today in Cuba. Photos of friends, with family, at school or at a party, in short, in infinite scenarios, and taken with a camera or mobile, are uploaded and shared all the time by those with the ability to do so.

For the making of this post, I asked my Facebook friends to send me their self-portraits. Then I chose the best pictures in composition, topic, angles and light treatment.
I also considered creativity.

Enjoy the following samples …


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4 thoughts on “Selfies in Cuba

  • How do you manage to avoid moving to Cuba? You continuously express admiration for oppression and dictatorship but have yet to provide a single piece of information about Cuba. That obviously because if you tried to do so you would expose your total ignorance. How do you justify endeavoring to promote a repressive regime about which you know nothing?

  • Because the Cuban people, who have the lowest access to cell phone service in the world, can sometimes take selfies on phones invented and manufactured in the capitalist world?

  • Obviously a place that you have never visited.

  • Wonderful. The Cuban people and the Cuban revolution is truly the crown jewel of the developing world. What a wonderful place.

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