Silvio Rodriguez Concert in USA

Silvio Rodriguez

HAVANA TIMES, June 16 — Cuban folk singer Silvio Rodriguez has been on tour recently in the United States.  When he was in Oakland, California on June 12th, documentary photographer Bill Hackwell was on hand to capture these images.  He told HT that the audience was exuberant throughout the concert and that the singer responded with more of his repertoire to seven curtain calls.

Hackwell mentioned that Silvio dedicated a song to the Cuban Five on each of his tour stops.  These men have been imprisoned for nearly 12 years in the United States for trying to prevent terrorist attacks against their country.  Among the charges they were accused of conspiracy to commit espionage.

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3 thoughts on “Silvio Rodriguez Concert in USA

  • Silvo eres lo mejor, espero que la próxima vez que vengas a Orlando sea en domingo, entre semana uno trabaja, pleaseee mi sueno es verte en concierto.
    Orlando Florida Loves you.

  • Gracias Cuba! Gracias Silvio!
    I was part of tonights concert in Los Angeles, Silvio was great. Thank you very much! El pueblo Chican@ te respeta y ama! Gracias compañero!

  • I was fortunate to be able to attend the Carnegie Hall concert. It was incredible. Thank you, Silvio!! Come back again soon!!! We love you!!!

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