Terry Fox Marathon of Hope 2017 in Cuba

Photo Feature: Elio Delgado Valdes


HAVANA TIMES – The twentieth edition of the Terry Fox Run, hosted on Saturday, March 18, in Havana and other Cuban cities, saw thousands of people remembering the remarkable feat that the young Canadian made to raise funds for the fight against cancer.

The departure of the Marathon for Hope took place 10:00 a.m., simultaneously across the Island. The route of the 2900 meters in the capital, had as a starting point and finish line, the Kid Chocolate Gym across from the Capitolio building. A bicycle and other gifts were raffled among the participants. A young boy was the lucky one to win the bike.

Canada’s ambassador to Cuba, Patrick Parisot, explained at a press conference that Cuba is the only country that develops this event simultaneously in all its territory, and noted the high attendance of participants.

The annual event, of a participative nature, is promoted by the Marabana-Maracuba Project. It pays tribute to the memory of Terry Fox, who began the original marathon on April 12, 1980, which would last for 143 days, traveling 5373 kilometers, to draw attention to the proliferation of different types of cancer that affect humanity. He passed away 9 months after he began his transcendental idea, felled by the disease.


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  • Thanks for the completely unrelated, red herring nonsense reply, Larry.

    Don’t ever change!

  • Hopefully Trump will remove this Obama holdover as soon as possible and re-institute the embargo-harder than ever.

  • One other thing you should do too Larry, write a nasty letter to your US Ambassador to Cuba, Mr. Jeffrey DeLaurentis.

    The US Embassy staff in Havana are wonderful supporters of the run and have helped raise tens upon thousands for the charity. They need your stern reprimand as well.

  • I’ve done this race many times in Cuba, and in several other countries too. It’s a great event that happens all over the planet in dozens and dozens of different countries at thousands of different locations.

    It has raised $700,000,000+ for cancer research and they’ve managed this with a strict no corporate sponsorship mandate.

    All in all it’s a tremendously successful charity that has accomplished lots of great work.

    Too bad that the chip on your shoulder is too big and heavy for you to get up off your couch.

  • Foolish Canadians supporting a fascist death regime. Does it feel good?

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