Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

Vista del estadio desde una vivienda multifamiliar

HAVANA TIMES — At a feverish pace, the Latinoamericano Stadium in the Havana municipality of Cerro and its surrounding streets were spruced up to receive President Obama and the Tampa Bay Rays.

It is common these days to hear favorable comments in the capital in this time of change that has given the stadium an intense blue on its walls, fixed pot holes, brought lighting to the adjacent park, and other improvements in its nearby surroundings.

But since we’re here, let’s take a look a few blocks away from this big blue stage and see the other reality of this municipality.

Vivienda familiar en la Calzada del Cerro

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9 thoughts on “The Cuba Obama’s Eyes May Not See

  • We must never give up, even when all looks lost. The Cuban people deserve better, the Cuban people deserve respect and honesty from members of their government, this government and its ministers owe so much to the country and all the people of Cuba. Mr Castro the time to do your duty for the people of Cuba is now! They deserve so much better!

  • Disagree. We do not have buildings held up by timbers with families living in them. Unfortunately, those families are living in their cars.

  • I agree with part of your last two comments Mr. Patterson. I have seen those half collapsed buildings in Havana while the other half still standing is some family’s dwelling. Such buildings would be condemned in the U.S. & no one would be allowed to live there. However, we are not without problems ourselves. Homeless encampments along freeways and bridge overpasses are much more prevalent here than in Cuba. Our drug, prostitution, and gambling is much worse than Cuba’s, its just underground. At least in Cuba, if the women had other means of making even a mediocre living, I have no doubt prostitution would not be as wide spread as it is now. I have not witnessed the drug and gambling problems in Cuba, but the prostitution is much more visible on the streets. I do agree that it is failed government policies that has prevented the average Cuban from being able to make a decent living. Although, I have to also admit that while they have failed at some things, one cannot argue that as a tourist/visitor, I have not felt safer in ANY other country in the world. They got something right. 🙂

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