The Faces of Guantanamo’s Carnival

Photo Feature by Lorenzo Crespo Silveira

HAVANA TIMES — Carnivals are the most popular festivities held in Cuba, and Guantanamo is no exception to this rule. An annual carnival is held in the country’s 16 provinces and all its municipalities, drawing large numbers of people desirous to drink beer, shake their bodies to the dance rhythms offered by local artists and musicians of national renown, party and have a good time with friends and relatives in the different areas designated for this celebration.

In Guantanamo, the party lasted from August 13 to 16. The inhabitants of Cuba’s easternmost province enjoyed the carnival parade, the local dance performances and colorful costumes, the dancers on floats and much more. In their faces, we can see the joy and excitement. As for the rest, only the photos can tell.

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