Traces of a Baby

Photo Feature by Lorenzo Crespo Silveira



HAVANA TIMES – The arrival of a baby to the family is sufficient cause for joy. Immediately, the small infants become the center of attention even for professional photographers, cautious to capture every detail, gesture and as many moments that are attractive at this stage of growth.

As they develop and acquire their skills in a completely new world for them, they learn through  games to be a bit more independent and mischievous, sometimes hiding innocently in places far from the sight of mom and dad but without realizing that they are leaving traces easy to follow.

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One thought on “Traces of a Baby

  • A stimulating series of photographs, but the 10th one shows a form of bed or playpen which is not typically Cuban. One further comment, it is noticeable that an increasing number of children in Cuba are being Christened – particularly in the Catholic Church with in my experience over forty at one service.

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