By Irina Echarry, Photos: Caridad

HAVANA TIMES, June 22 – Could it be I’m walking in a painting?  That’s the impression one has when first visiting Cuba’s mountainside community of Las Terrazas.

The province of Pinar del Rio, on the western end of the island, is privileged for its spectacular landscapes. The community of Las Terrazas is in the heart of the Sierra Rosario mountain range, an elevation that UNESCO declared the first biosphere reserve in Cuba.

It is a place of dreams, where human beings and nature coexist in harmony.

For some, the air of this place is so pure that it can cure the effects of pollution and urban bustle. To walk along its roads takes one back a long ways in time.

The colors of the sky are reflected in the calm, transparent waters of the rivers and streams.  The trees appear as if designed by a painter.

Different tones of green flood the 12,000 acres that make up this area surrounded by mountains, forests and valleys.

The clouds simulate a lace mantel suspended over the residents, people of clean, transparent souls who only want to live in peace.

For that reason several Cuban artists have moved to Las Terrazas.

Because the first impression is to believe that you are inside a painting.

The second is to want to be a part of it.

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  • KUDOS, I WILL BE IN CUBA THIS WEEKEND AND WILL BE THERE AGAIN FOR MORE THAN A MONTH (I GOT SKILLS lol) I WILL BE TREKING WITH FRIENDS AND FAM. we are all familiar with sierra etc what i want most is to photograph as you have, even though i know that i am not that good! **NOWHERE NEAR YOUR LEVEL..LOL

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