A Flame Tree Explosion

Photo Feature by Caridad, Text by Irina Echarry

HAVANA TIMES, May 27 — Clear skies, the sun determined to melt us.  The soil is dry, cracked.  May holds fame for being rainy, yet the showery days of this season are becoming rarer.

Despite the drought, tremendous colors flood the city.  These are seen in parks, along highways, higher or less leafy.  They sometimes cluster in groups, while others appear alone amid some barren terrain.

Slowly the branches became filled with green leaves, followed by flowers that surprisingly appear from one day to the next to make the evenings of Havana even more beautiful.  The ground seems a like a carpet of orange drawn by some pointillist painter.

The flamboyanes (flame trees) with their serpentine branches are found anywhere in the city offering shade to the tired walker and great relief to the gazing of those of us who enjoy natural beauty.

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2 thoughts on “A Flame Tree Explosion

  • Lovely! I am glad to learn the name of this tree, and see the wonderful photos of the flaming blossoms. Photo #27 is especially nice, in my opinion. It would make a wonderful poster!

  • Beautiful pictures. In late April there was one of these trees blooming outside of the window/balcony of the resort I was at. I wondered what it was called. I am impressed with how big they grow. Thanks for the pictures and the story.

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