Catharsis: Retrospective of an Undocumented Cuban

Geography teacher & people’s photographer


Photo Feature by Ruber Osoria

HAVANA TIMES – With this work I try to document what I experienced in my journey from Cuba to Chile as an undocumented migrant.

It is nothing more than the extrapolation of remembering the scenes lived in my mind, my only tool to photograph in those moments, everything was there in a corner of the mind.

I realized that as a human being we have no value if we are undocumented, we are a “0” on the left just that. It’s not the same to teach the subject of demography and human exodus than to live the migration, undocumented, in one’s own flesh.

I express in my work where I lived, how I slept, how I worked, and the things I saw around me that was happening, it is a crude reality that many human beings live.

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One thought on “Catharsis: Retrospective of an Undocumented Cuban

  • Powerful images and sad commentary on today’s world.
    Thank you for sharing your story and for letting viewers be part of your catharsis.
    I wish you well, and hope you continue to teach and make photographs.

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