Havana’s Santos Suarez from a Different Viewpoint


Photos by Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA TIMES — Although we have previously published other photo essays on the Havana neighborhood of Santos Suarez, what we bring you today is from a totally different perspective. We take a look at the community from the height of the Jesus del Monte church.

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One thought on “Havana’s Santos Suarez from a Different Viewpoint

  • My wife’s best friend lives in what was once a beautiful home with a once beautiful view in Santo Suarez. This neighborhood is hilly and many of the houses are split level where you enter a front door at street level and take a flight of stairs up to exit onto a back patio. Living in San Francisco as I do, this community in Havana has many of the same characteristics. Unfortunately, 55 years of neglect have left most of this neighborhood looking slightly better off than a bombed-out war zone. Every once in a while you come across a well-maintained, freshly-painted residence but the majority of homes and apartments are crumbling and being propped up by random timbers. It is so sad to see what hell has come to Cuba because of the Castro revolution.

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