Havana’s Vibora Neighborhood by Night

HAVANA TIMES – These days the country is experiencing a difficult energy crisis, mainly due to the fuel deficit according to the National Electrical Company (UNE). To cite just one example, according to the information provided daily by the UNE, on November 9, 10 and 11, the electricity generation deficit fluctuated close to a third of the demand during peak hours, that is, between six in the afternoon and ten at night, causing blackouts of between four and six hours in a good part of the country.

Many places are affected daily with blackouts that can sometimes occur more than once in the same day. However, Havana, in general, suffers shorter blackouts than the rest of the country. In my neighborhood, we have been quite immune to such a crisis because when we have been affected, it has been for a period of no more than 30 minutes. Some say it’s because of the nearby dairy products factory which doesn’t stop production.

Night photography is very complex because some implement is needed to be able to properly fix the camera and avoid movement and shaking. Another element is the focus, which being at night is very difficult for the photographer to focus, you have to do tests until you achieve what you want.

However, it is interesting because of how challenging it is, and the beauty that can be achieved, taking the exposure time as the key, which is what will give us the appropriate lighting in each case. The photos we present have exposure times that range between 2 and 20 seconds. Someone said that photography is painting with light, that is where night photography becomes more relevant.

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