Photo Feature by Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA TIMES — What can we see from an Old Havana rooftop? Today we’ll look at some of the architectural jewels and landmarks of the Cuban capital and also some more recent constructions.


We can also contemplate Havana Bay, Casablanca and the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress.

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26 thoughts on “Old Havana Rooftop Views

  • Well said

  • Stevie Wonder can see the decay and dilapidation in Havana. So open or closed, the status of my eyes have little to do with the disaster that the Castros hath wrought.

  • Many of these buildings you mention are indeed beautiful on the outside because of their noble facades but have been destroyed on the inside. The wiring has been bastardized, the pipes stolen and interior walls replaced and propped up. The lack of decent maintenance on the interior has undermined the viability of any future reasonable renovation.

  • I don’t like Miami either but you really can’t compare the waterfront in Miami to the waterfront in Havana. South Beach in Miami compared to Miramar? As far as character goes, that sounds like what tourists on those double-decker buses say about buildings in Havana when they marvel that people are still living in them despite the state of decay. Surely you’ve seen when tourists take pictures of staircases and balconies that they are afraid to stand on themselves. Lots of character!

  • Detroit is pretty bad and as bad as it gets for an American city. But if you are comparing the two, Detroit remains a utopia in comparison to Havana. For the sake of intelligent debate, it is important that both sides remain truthful. Speculators in Detroit are already buying up properties at pennies on the dollar in anticipation of a major urban renewal. In ten years, Detroit will be singing a different tune. Do you really think Havana is ten years away from redemption?

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