Summer at the Beach in Guanabo, Havana


Photo Feature by Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES — While not as upscale or pristine as neighboring Santa Maria del Mar the beaches around the town of Guanabo in Habana del Este are a highly popular place for Havana residents looking for a bit of relief and recreation during the hot summer months in the Cuban capital.

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3 thoughts on “Summer at the Beach in Guanabo, Havana

  • Lucky you, hope you had a great time!

  • I have rented a casa overlooking the beach in Guanabo and will be there this weekend. I am looking forward to exploring the town and surrounding areas for the 2 weeks I am there!

  • We stayed for almost a week in Guanabo and found it very Cuban with few foreigners. Our casa was very good and we found a paladar near the top of the town where the owner had been involved in diving on shipwrecks and had some great photographs. Although there are not many foreigners there is an Italian paladar on the main street which demonstrates Italian enthusiasm for football with appropriate scarves and club badges. It could be possible that following the World Cup in Brazil and the endeavor by Louis Suarez of Uruguay to eat a member of the Italian team alive that the enthusiasm has diminished. Suarez having been discarded by Liverpool has now moved to Barcelona so Messi being only small should make certain that he isn’t consumed for lunch.

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