The Houses of San Francisco de Paula, Havana

Photos and Text by Evelyn Sosa – (El Estornudo)

HAVANA TIMES – San Francisco de Paula is a neighborhood in the San Miguel del Padrón municipality in Havana. It is known mainly because there of the Finca Vigía, where the US writer Ernest Hemingway lived.

I was born and raised in that town crossed by the Calzada de Güines, the old road to Güines. About five years ago I went to live somewhere else, and ever since when I return to visit I look at the neighborhood in amazement.

I acknowledge the changes and the spaces that remain the same. I recognize what disappears.

With these photographs, perhaps I make the town where I was born my own; I come back to take it with me. There is a sense of belonging in it.

These are some of the little houses that remain. By portraying them I feel that I am saving them.

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4 thoughts on “The Houses of San Francisco de Paula, Havana

  • I know that you people publish pictures that have been submitted by tourist that go to Cuba. But what we Cubans in exile are pictures of the various Cities throughout the Island, for the sake of memorable memories. A lot of exiles can never go to Cuba again and there is the costs… the Pandemic, plus several other reasons.
    I save the ones that are special. But keep up the good work and thank you!

  • Thank you for these pictures. You can find homes like these in almost any city or town In Cuba . It made me homesick for Cuba since we have not been able to go there because of the pandemic. I am so looking forward to next year. I stay in Guanabo, which as you know is in the east beaches. There are many homes like this out there and in the surrounding territory…I would love to own one of them. Maybe someday. Thank you again.

  • Thanks, I made the change. We almost never use North American but this time it slipped in.

  • “North American”.
    Is funny, yes?

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