Tours Around Cuba and Abroad

February 1, 1948

Photo Feature by Nike          

HAVANA TIMES – A while back, a HT colleague invited us to send in photos of trips we’d made for the “Photo of the Day” section, so I decided to write this article.

I remembered the stories of trips my family made all over Cuba when the Central Highway was finally completed.

My family were a hard-working middle-class family and they all had cars. So, one day, they got into their cars and said: “Let’s see our own country.”

They were a very close family and liked to do many things together, such as sharing lunch at my great-grandmother’s house, which was called the “family house”, every Sunday. Over time, the trips became another reason to be altogether.    

My brothers left, they formed their families outside of Cuba, we never had the chance to travel together across the country like my grandparents did. The family gatherings, walks and trips all ended… the last trip my grandparents went on outside of Havana was to the Isle of Pines where they stayed at the Hotel Colony.

The longing for what I couldn’t do inspired me to leave testament today of what was once possible.

Here are some photos of those trips. Photos of tickets that were printed almost a century ago, leaflets from different travel agencies in Havana which offered tourist trips and tours across Cuba and abroad.  

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  • Very interesting, a lifetime of travel both home and abroad. Nice keepsake, thank you for sharing it with us.

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