Deconstruction, Havana, Cuba – Photo of the Day

Deconstruction, Havana, Cuba. By Ramón Arencibia (Cuba). Camera: Xiaomi cellphone


HAVANA TIMES – Our Photo of the Day section is interested not only in photos taken in Havana, Matanzas, Pinar del Río, Granma or Santiago de Cuba. We are not looking only for Cuban portraits or landscapes. We want to publish your photos of the cities and countryside’s of Nicaragua, Venezuela, the United States, Japan, France, Turkey, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Cyprus or Viet Nam. We like diversity.

We also know that there are Cubans in every city on this planet, and we would like you to tell us, with images, your day to day outside of Cuba. It doesn’t matter if you have not studied photography, we all carry an artist inside. Don’t you think?

Just send us your name and country of residence, the place where you took the photo and with what camera or cell phone to [email protected]

They can be portraits, landscapes, street photography, press photography, whatever you prefer.

Express yourself in Havana Times.

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3 thoughts on “Deconstruction, Havana, Cuba – Photo of the Day

  • I sent you an email.

  • Opa. Circles robinson. Put me on your mailing list mutha phukka. Lyn merril says you is todavia vivo. Verdad?

  • Remember this house on Calzada del Cerro and her owner The countess Consuelo she never left the country despite the regime making her existence a hell I think she die like in 1972 the back of this mansion is on Calzada de Buenos Aires with the entrance to the garage among a forest of bamboo trees the father of a friend from my childhood was her chofer. This picture is very symbolic is the state of the whole republic of Cuba Literally propped up by sticks

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