Small Garden by the Sea, Holguín, Cuba – Photo of the Day

Small Garden by the Sea, Holguín, Cuba. By Mark Kennedy (Canada). Camera: Samsung S10+


HAVANA TIMES – Gone are the dark months of travel restrictions due to the pandemic. It seems like a good time for you to go out and share with us your best pictures for our Photo of the Day section.

A cat, a bird, the shadow of a building, the perfect combination of colors, a smile, a beautiful landscape, your book or your favorite vase of flowers. All these photographs call our attention.

Cities, fields, seascapes; Havana, New York, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Berlin, Montevideo, Tokyo, Paris, Bogotá, Prague, Santo Domingo, Cairo, Athens, Jakarta or Rome, Beirut or Kathmandu, we are interested in all cities, all people from London or Warsaw, from Stockholm or Mogadishu, from Hanoi, Caracas or the Vatican. We welcome all your photos.

Just send us your name and country of residence, the place where you took the photo and with what camera or cell phone to [email protected]

Send us one of your favorite pictures to share.

Portraits, landscapes, street photography, press photography, whatever you prefer.

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One thought on “Small Garden by the Sea, Holguín, Cuba – Photo of the Day

  • February 5, 2023 at 7:54 am

    “Gone are the dark months of travel restrictions due to the pandemic.”

    Gone are also the darker skinned bodies from any images depicting Cubans of any stripe enjoying themselves at their national beaches.
    I am aware that this is a photo adressed at precurring, directly or otherwise, tourist’s interest.
    However, a “Photo of the Day” would be greatly appreciated if it was one of Cuban nationals and not Tourists enjoying the coveted, tropical Tableaux of the island.
    But maybe the average Cuban has more pressing existential matters with which to concern themselves with than enjoying the natural delights in their own backyard.

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