Customs in Cuba

The love millions of people abroad have for their relatives in Cuba is greatly appreciated when they send these articles which help to lessen their needs. Instead of facilitating our people receiving things that the State has no way of providing at a reasonable price, why are they imposing a tax and limiting how much can be brought into the country?

A “Doi Moi” or Renovation for Cuba or Else

Cuba can learn from Viet Nam to overcome petty attitudes and vindictiveness such as prohibiting 100,000 Cuban expatriates from visiting their homeland, applying a surcharge on Cuban Americans Visas, Passports and Travel instead of devising events as Viet Nam, that encourage their return and investment.

The Last Cry for Attention

Saturday March 24th will go down in US history as the day that schoolchildren, young people, their parents took to the streets to shout, “Enough” and “No to violence!”

Are Racist Genes what’s Consuming the Nation?

After 350 years of slavery in Cuba and 60 years of racism during the pseudo-Republic, it was naive to think that this monster could be wiped out with a speech made by Fidel Castro in February 1959 and others which he made throughout his time in office.

The Future of Cuba Lies in Asia

Cuba doesn’t need to invent cold water! The historic and unyielding solidarity between Vietnam, China and Cuba only needs Cuba to relax some archaic regulations…

Perspectives for Cuba and its Diaspora

The long-awaited and highly-acclaimed suspension of the first immigration measures, which have had such a negative effect on Cubans on both sides of the Florida Strait, is an encouraging sign of the upper echelons in the Cuban government’s capacity to reflect, be mature and willingness to correct what needs to be made right.

Racial Crisis Corrodes the Foundations of Cuban Society

The announcement made by the Cuban Attorney General about the most-talked-about case of Yanay Aguirre Calderon has resulted in shameful inactivity and official complicity with the growing racism that is taking over the country.

Disasters Like Irma Demand a New Focus for Cuba

Cuba has the best Civil Defense system in the region and that makes it a model to follow. However the combination of very low wages, the poor state of housing in the country, and the lack of proper building materials and codes, has meant a constant repeat of recovery efforts.