Claudia Padron Cueto

Private Ice-cream Vendors Expand Supply in Cuba

Every morning, Julio travels the same route: he rides a bike along Tulipan Street, crosses Loma and then reaches Colon Avenue. For five years now, Julio has been casually riding through Nuevo Vedado selling ice-cream bars. He buys the bars, covered in a thin layer of chocolate, from a small creamery that supplies street sellers and cafes in the neighborhood.

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Filming with a Drone in Cuba without Losing it

One of the first drones that Alejandro Perez and Alfredo Ureta used to film in Cuba was designed and built by some guys at the model airplanes club with their own hands and flown by Marcos Casamayor. Seven years later, local drones are no longer a native or primitive product; the national market now has a range of models available, especially Inspires and Phantoms…

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