Guillermo Farinas Returns, Once Again Unarmed

If I had the opportunity to speak with someone between the Pope, Obama, the best soccer player or singer at the time, any other celebrity and Guillermo Farinas Hernandez, I would choose the latter without a second of doubt.

Fifty Ways to Spot a Dictator

¿Do you think your president is a dictator? Consult this short manual. Dictators have evinced a series of common characteristics – to a greater or lesser degree – since the times of Pericles, 2500 years ago.

My Lovely Havana, City of Many Paradoxes

If you go to Havana, you may find that things are not what they seem. You may meet a taxi driver or barman who’s an engineer, or with a bachelor’s degree, or a manager who didn’t even go to university. You may see a black man who’s a freemason or a Catholic, or a white person practicing an African religion such as Yoruba or Palo Monte.