Interview with a Cuban Coffee Vendor

Jose Armando Cabrera Soler, 51 years old, sells coffee at a bus terminal in Pinar del Rio. His business shouldn’t be something “out of this world”, but, in a society like ours, it is.

Who Wants Him to Shut Up Cuban Singer Orman Cala

Though Orman Cala (Granma, 1980) hasn’t enjoyed the same publicity some of his contemporaries have, his songs are charged with a rebellious spirit and a provocative youthful impetus that leave those fortunate enough to listen to them wanting more.

The Lost Soul of Cuban Musician Manuel Leandro

Though 22-year-old Manuel Leandro is one of Cuba’s youngest folk musicians today, he could well be described as one of the most talented, part of a generation that hasn’t yet defined itself as one.

I’m Not Home: Cuban Musician Ariel Diaz

Ariel Diaz is one of the few artists belonging to Cuba’s “lost generation” of folk musicians who has enjoyed an acceptable degree of publicity. His lyrics are profound and emotive, as befits his critical spirit and versatility.

Inti Santana Sings of Everyday Life in Cuba

“In the cafeteria of the ice factory in Guaso / you can’t get a glass of cold water / the fridge broke down months ago. / The employee responsible for fixing it / booked an appointment with the Minister. / He is number 132 on the list. – From the song “Cubans” by Inti Santana.

Cuban Musician Descemer Bueno’s Latest Album

Cuban musician Descemer Bueno’s second album, Bueno, (the musician’s last name, meaning “good” in Spanish) uses the ballad genre as a rhythmical base for several, experimental fusions, attesting to the insatiable creative search that often impels the artist.

‘Seeing Things Where No One Sees Them’

Aliesky Perez is one of those folk singers who keep alive the essence of their art. With his backpack and guitar in hand, he doesn’t hesitate to embark on a journey to share his music with audiences in the most diverse places across Cuba.