The Price of Self-Determination in Cuba

On May 10th 2002, the late Oswaldo Jose Paya Sardinas, leader of the Christian Liberation Movement, presented 11,020 signatures to the National Assembly of People’s Power, for reforms so that democratic change could be brought about in Cuba, through Socialism’s legal channels. This became known as the Varela Project.

Is Cuba On the Verge of a New Special Period?

“A new Special Period is on the horizon” is the word on the street. People are afraid because in spite of current shortages and how hard it is just to get by, many people remember that that was a particularly dark time in modern day Cuban history.

A Glimpse of My Generation’s Childhood in Cuba

It was Saturday morning; I didn’t have school. On those days, I wouldn’t wake up until almost 9 AM, but this time it was earlier. It was the late 1970s and the TV was broadcasting a mass march in support of the Revolution and against Imperialism.