Rogelio M. Díaz Moreno

The Dangerous Persistence of Illusion

At the risk of being a nuisance, I’d like to repeat that the problem of high prices and low salaries in Cuba isn’t so hard to understand; rather, it can be clarified with a dab of basic political economy from the old boys: Adam Smith, Richard Wolff and Karl Marx, plus a little raw objectivity.

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Cuban Public Transportation: Making Theft Legal

Cuban transportation authorities have been giving us plenty to talk about these days. Denying Cuban non-travelers access to certain areas of the Jose Marti International Airport was a true scandal until the illegal measure was finally repealed. The matter has another side to it, however, enveloped by our government’s familiar secrecy.

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Cuba: Yet Another Big Secret

Less than six months ago, Cuba’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, addressed Cubans living in the USA to explain to them why they could not make any investments in their country of origin. Now, they are saying another Cuban diplomat is explaining to them that a new, amended investments law in the works will entitle them to invest in Cuba, .

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