Somebody Owes Us an Apology

In April, I commented that Cuba could have prevented all of this if it had closed its border in time. Today, somebody owes us an apology

Reoffending Cuban Volleyball Players

Less than a month ago, there was a commotion in international sports media outlets after a report was published about the five Cuban volleyball players who are locked up in Finland, complaining about their living conditions and the lack of communication with their families.

Real Madrid, a Soccer Fan Club in Havana

The world’s biggest soccer teams have fan clubs in every corner of the Earth, but because of Cuba’s peculiarities, there are very few official fan clubs based in this corner of the Caribbean. “Official” fan clubs are those which have received the soccer team’s approval, as many unofficial ones have popped up all over the archipelago.

Cuba Sports in 2016: Recovery and Concern

The year 2016 revealed the slow recovery made in Cuban sports, but it also revealed the country’s growing concern about the unstoppable escape of national talent which continues to undermine the chance of creating stability within the world’s sports elite.

Real Madrid in Havana, The Final Blow to Cuba’s Baseball

If something had been missing to put Cuban baseball in a coma state, it was an institution like Real Madrid coming to Havana to give it the final blow. “We know that there is a lot of interest in soccer here in Cuba. It already seems to be the most important sport here and we want this to continue like this,” said Joaquin Sagues.

Soccer Joins the Cubamania in the US

From the moment I saw Jurgen Klinsmann arriving in a white and red 1957 Chevrolet, I knew that the friendly football match between the Cuban and US teams that took place on October 7th was a sign of something more.

Cuba’s Best Chances in the Rio Olympics

It’s less than two weeks now until the 2016 Olympic Games (Aug. 5-21) begin in Rio de Janeiro, and Cuba has before it the challenge of being among the top 20 countries in the medal standings.