Keeping Cuba Grounded

The Cuban government puts in force decrees with ambiguous language to be applied at convenience on those citizens who defend freedom of expression.

The Value of Voting NO in the Feb. 24 Referendum in Cuba

I don’t see the solution to all our problems in voting NO, but it is an opportunity for us to practice something healthy and, therefore, necessary: reclaiming our responsibility in the country’s evolution and becoming aware that the Government isn’t who decides the Cuban people’s fate.

Honor for Those Who Suffer in the Name of Freedom

A specter is terrifying Cuba, it’s the ghost of independent art. The Communist State and its pack of ferocious hounds have joined forces against this ghost, as if the world’s eyes weren’t always watching Cuba, or as if art were something unconnected to the human condition.

Etectsa, the Monopoly Cubans Love to Hate

Far from providing a good service, the Etecsa telecommunications company, which has a monoply in all of Cuba, only seems interested in milking Cubans for as much money as possible.

Contemporary Urban Poetry

Of everything that has been heard thus far in Cuba in terms of music, “Trap” is the genre whose lyrics expose the grossest of human thought.

We Miss You Bananas!

Since the passing of Hurricane Irma we haven’t seen well-formed bananas in our markets.


For many Cubans, the golden dream is to establish a sentimental bond with someone of foreign nationality who can improve their economic situation and help them live outside Cuba.