Havana Events Calendars, Where Can I Find them?

treseroQuestion: Hello, I will be in Havana between November 20th and December 6th, this year. Where could I find a calendar of events of interest for that period or for current activities, since I intend to travel often to Cuba. This will be my third times this year. Thank you in advance for you kind attention.

Answer: The events calendars usually come out during the beginning of each month or the very end of the preceding month so it’s too early for November or December.  When into November check out these three places for starters:  http://calendar.havanatimes.org    http://www.lapapeleta.cult.cu       http://www.cubaabsolutely.com


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  • Who travels to Cuba and then aske for help? LOL I doubt if that person ever left Mississippi

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