Benny More (Cuba) – Song of the Day

By Zahrah

HAVANA TIMES – Today’s featured artist is Benny More from Cuba with the song “Cienfuegos” from the album “Asi Es…” (1958). Submitted by Mariaisabel Verrier.



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7 thoughts on “Benny More (Cuba) – Song of the Day

  • Let others praise what you consider your own glory, if indeed it is your own.

  • I am not Cuban..but I married into the culture.. I love everything, culture, and of course the music..
    I have msny songs of Benny Moré and many other artists. One of my many favorites is Vereda Tropical by Tito Gomez with el orchesta de Riverside along with any song by Lecuona .
    How could anyone not love Cuban music is beyond my comprehension.
    Saludos Benny!

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