Shorty Ramirez and his Orchestra on HT Song of the Day

By Zahrah

HAVANA TIMES – HT is opening up its Music Section to our bloggers and readers! After the positive response to our Photo of the Day Section, as well as knowing how great it is to be able to share a good tune (!), we decided to transform our weekly playlists into a song we publish daily, which will be open to readers’ suggestions.

As a news website that invites diverse opinions, it’ll be nice to share something that brings unity to our pages. As Stevie Wonder himself said: “Music is a world within itself, it is a language we all understand.”  

Here’s How you can share your favorite songs:

The only requirement is that it be a Latin American or Caribbean artist, but the musician’s country of residence is unimportant. 

Include the name of the artist and his/her country of origin, track title, album name, year.

Please send your song (YouTube link), with your name and country or place of residence to this email address: [email protected]

Our featured artist today is Shorty Ramirez y su Orquesta from Puerto Rico.

Song: Poca Cosa comes off the álbum Muerto De La Risa (1969).


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