Any special dangers I should be aware of?

  • ALERT! Often there are uneven steps or holes in the pavement of sidewalks and streets. Please be aware of this when walking about, and look down as often as you look up.
  • In Cuba, pedestrians do NOT have the right of way, as they do in some other countries overseas!
  • Stronger, more direct sunlight in Cuba combined with shadows makes it more difficult to see steps when looking down with bifocals.
  • When driving in Cuba, please be aware of traffic that you might not see at home. In the cities, including Havana, you could be sharing the road with horse-drawn carriages or bicitaxis. In the countryside, you could be sharing the road with everything from horse- or oxen-drawn carts and carriages, to tractors, to bicycles, to trucks of every size, make and condition, to children on roller skates, etc. During the sugar harvest, all kinds of vehicles use the country roads even during the night taking harvested cane to the mills. There’s also a saying in Cuba: When you see a ball roll out into the street, there will be at least two children quickly running after it.