Are Flights from Cancun to Havana Still Suspended ?

Question: We were just told that flights from Cancun to Havana are suspended due to the Swine Flu. Is that correct? Can you please let us know if there are any restrictions on entering Cuba due to the flu? We are planning to arrive within two weeks.

Answer: Cuba is to resume flights to and from Mexico as of June 1st. The flights had been temporarily suspended at the end of April to prevent the entrance of the AH1N1 virus.

The health authorities noted that the initial measure successfully lowered the risk of introduction of swine flu into Cuba from the country where it was first reported.

It also gave the island time to acquire and install state-of-the-art detection equipment for incoming passengers as well as strengthen sanitary and epidemiological controls, stated an official note published Friday in the local media.

No cases of swine flu have been detected among the Cuban population. The four cases to date involved three Mexican students and one Canadian boy, all treated at local health facilities and later released in good health.

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